Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Saat Sakal (Daily at 8.00-9.00 am)

Our morning starts with this live morning show. The
entire an hour consists news on special days, the weather forecast for the
day, important timings of buses, trains, market prices of daily commodities,
shares, headlines of news papers, important programs of the day etc.

Saat Sakal

Ramani (Mon – Sat – 1-2 pm)


Live phone in & video on demand program for the married
women. Basically songs of 70’s & 80’s are the main attraction of the program.
The callers can talk with the anchor over the phone & can come in front
of the camera as a guest.


Teen Time (Tuesday to Saturday 6.00-7.00 pm):


Live phone in- video on demand program for the teen agers.
The callers are given a sweet welcome & they can hear latest movie songs.
They can also be present at the studio as a teen guest with the anchors.

teen time

Hello Doctor (Tuesday, Friday 8.00-9.00pm)


A live phone in program where doctors are present as a expert
guest. This program is for those who seek a suggestion for their diseases
from the doctors. Basically this is aimed at the public awareness.

Hello Doctor

Krishi Katha (Saturday, 6.30-7.30pm)


A live program to help those men who are related to agriculture.
They can seek suggestion, advises over the phone from the expert guest,
present at the studio.

Krishi Katha

Ki Gaan Sonabo Bolo (Saturday, 8.00-9.00pm)


A live phone in, video on demand program, where only Bengali
music videos are played. One who has achieved name & fame in local music
arena, is also present at the studio as a guest..

Ki Gan Shonabo bolo

Kochi Kacha Kal Kal (Sunday, 9.30-10.30am)


A whole one hour for the children. They can watch cartoon
& funny videos on demand. They can also give an audio performance over the
phone & interact with our junior anchors.

Kochi Kacha Kol Kol

Tele Quiz (Sunday, 1.00-2.00pm):


A quiz show where you only can participate over the phone
& can win cash prizes by answering correctly. if you don’t what happens
then?……do watch the program to know the answer.

Tele Quiz

Darshaker Darbar (Sunday, 8.00-8.30pm)


A program where we listen to our viewers’ comments, suggestions
& also reply them.

Darshaker Darbar

Onurodher Gaan (Tue & Sat,7.00pm):


Bindas bol is the show where you can share all what you
have in heart. get updates on new fashions and trends. It’s a trendy show
in which BBC Fun and Games is also aired.

Talk Fight


Talk Fight.

Talk Fight

Bhagya Chakra


Bhagya Chakra

Bhakti Geeti


Bhakti Geeti

Chalo Toss Kori (Mon & Fri,7.00pm): A road show where anyone can participate
& win cash prizes by answering a simple question after winning the toss.
Anurodher Gaan (Tue & Sat,7.00pm):
A road show where we will play songs demanded by you & discuss on a certain issue.
Sera Bouthan (Sun,8.30pm): A game show where we play simple but funny games with the married ladies & prize
the winner at the end.

Paribar(Sun,12.30pm): A game show where you will play simple but funny
games with your family & share moments of joy & laughter with us.
Subho Parinay (Sun,12.00pm):
a matrimony tele magazine on T.V where you can feature yourself or your dear ones
& also can know about the marriage rituals of other parts of the world.
Rabithakurer Gaan:
Rrabindra sangeets are played in this program.
Devotional songs are played here.

Dharmo Kotha:
the divine messages & oracles of all religions are told here by the monks, prophets
& clergymen.